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3 Ways Aquaphalt is The Most Effective Asphalt Repair Product

Repair your pothole quickly and efficiently with Aquaphalt!

Repair your pothole quickly and efficiently with Aquaphalt!

Before Aquaphalt, the best way to repair a pothole was to pay a professional paving company to fill it with hot asphalt. This method required large crews, heavy equipment, perfect weather, and a hefty price. You can fix a pothole yourself with driveway patch material, but research has discovered that most of these so-called “durable” materials crumble apart under the weight of traffic, heavy rain, or ice. Only Aquaphalt can provide a simple, permanent repair for your driveway, parking lot, runway, and much more.

A Simple Fix

Aquaphalt is the first premixed, permanent patch that can be laid directly from the container. No repeat repairs or extensive overhead costs are needed and no need to mobilize large crews and equipment. The solution is simply poured onto the area that needs to be repaired, then leveled, sprinkled with water, and compacted with a hand tamper.

Minimize Disruption

Aquaphalt drastically reduces costs, environmental risks, and traffic congestion. There are no special preparations required when using Aquaphalt, and roads may be opened to traffic immediately after application. Since the solution is a permanent repair, you won’t need to close a lane more than once.

Works With Nature

While most patch solutions crumble after a cold, rainy day, Aquaphalt uses water to activate its special adhesive. This adhesive material is what makes Aquaphalt such a strong, durable material. You won’t have to wait for a sunny day to patch your pothole! Nature approves of Aquaphalt’s 100% environmentally friendly promise. It’s made with no toxic solvents or VOC’s.


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