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5 Tips for Drilling into Metal

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Titanium Nitride, Cobalt Steel, Black Oxide, and High-Speed Steel are best for drilling into metal

It may seem like a difficult task, but drilling a hole into a piece of metal only requires a little concentration and the right tools. If you have a DIY project coming up, here are a few tips you should know before you begin.

First: Safety

Safety should be your first priority in any project. Whether you’re nailing a piece of cloth to the wall or welding metal, ensure that your eyes and hands are protected. It only takes a tiny fragment of metal to cause an eye injury, so put your goggles on before you begin.

Mark Your Course

Make a small mark where you’ll be drilling the hole. Drill bits have a tendency to wander when you first start drilling. To prevent this from happening, use a center punch and hammer to create a small dimple, which will give your drill bit more direction when you begin.

Use Clamps for Safety and Precision

Using your hand to hold a piece of metal in place could lead to injury or damage of the workspace. Whenever you’re drilling into a piece of metal, use a minimum of two clamps to securely hold down the workpiece.

Start Small

If you need a bigger hole, start with a smaller one. Most twist bits are available in sizes up to 1 inch in diameter, but you’ll get the best results by starting with a ¼ inch hole and drilling large holes until you reach your desired size.

Think Big

If you need a larger sized hole, use a hole saw. A hole saw can give you a large, clean hole by chucking right into your drill and cutting through metal with ease. Use a scrap of plywood as a backer for the hole saw’s pilot bit and to protect your work surface.

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