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51 Different Ways to Use WD-40

Stop by your local Courtland Hearth & Hardware, and discover 51 ways to use WD-40 today!

Stop by your local Courtland Hearth & Hardware, and discover 51 ways to use WD-40 today!

Walk into any garage or garden shed, and you’re bound to find a yellow and blue can equipped with a red straw. WD-40 has been a staple in American homes for decades, but many people aren’t aware of just how useful the penetrating oil can be. You may have relied on WD-40 to loosen bolts and remove rust, but have you ever used it to remove crayon from a shoe? Stop by your local Courtland Hearth & Hardware, and discover 51 ways to use WD-40 today!

  1. Use to loosen rusty nuts and screws, clean garden tools
  2. Cleans piano keys
  3. Keeps wicker chairs from squeaking
  4. Lubricates small rolling toys
  5. Keeps garden tools rust-free
  6. Cleans patio door glide strip
  7. Removes crayon from clothes dryer (make sure to unplug the dryer first)
  1. Removes scuff marks from ceramic tile floor
  2. Keeps metal wind chimes rust-free
  3. Removes crayon from walls
  4. Helps join plastic shelving to make disassembly easier
  5. Removes water spots from mirrors
  6. Lubricates hinge on pruning shears
  7. Lubricates screws on lawn furniture
  8. Lubricates hydraulic rams on slide out of 5th wheel
  9. Cleans fiberglass bathtubs
  10. Cleans and prevents rust on oil tank exterior
  11. Cleans and protects bed of wheelbarrows
  12. Prevents rust on swamp cooler nuts
  13. Removes tea stains from countertops
  14. Removes crayon from wallpaper
  15. Lubricates gate locks
  16. Removes crayon from carpet
  17. Removes tape marks from the wall where posters hung
  18. Shines leaves of artificial houseplants
  19. Keeps snow from sticking to your shovel or snow blower
  20. Removes coffee stains on floor tiles
  21. Keeps hose ends from corroding
  22. Lubricates moving parts on playground equipment
  1. Removes crayon from plastic
  2. Removes decals from bathtubs
  3. Removes old cellophane tape
  4. Removes crayon from shoes
  5. Cleans ashtrays
  6. Removes crayon from toys
  7. Cleans and protects underside of cast iron skillets
  8. Removes ink from carpet
  9. Keeps garden plant cages bright and rust free
  10. Cleans lawnmower blades
  11. Cleans and protects antique kitchen tools
  12. Prevents mildew growth on fountain
  13. Removes marks from floors left by chair feet
  14. Removes crayon from chalkboards
  15. Eliminates static on volume and tuning control knobs
  1. Cleans candle soot
  2. Removes ink from blue jeans
  3. Cleans residue on luggage handles
  4. Untangles jewelry chains
  5. Cleans and protects pruning shears
  6. Cleans gold-plated faucets
  7. Removes petroleum stains from clothing


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