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The Beginner’s Guide to Wood Pellet Grills

Are you ready to make the switch the a wood pellet grill?

Are you ready to make the switch the a wood pellet grill?

Spring is heating up, and backyard barbecues are finally on the horizon. If you haven’t made the switch to a wood pellet grill yet, fear not, because we’ve compiled the perfect guide to get you started. Visit Courtland Hearth & Hardware and peruse our selection of name brand wood pellet grills today!

What Is A Pellet Grill?

Pellet grills are fueled with cylindrical food-grade wood pellets, composed of hardwood sawdust. The sawdust is subjected to high pressure and heat, which activates the wood, binding it together to form small, ¼-inch wide pellets. The grill runs on a standard electrical current, and a continuously running fan disperses the heat and smoke. Wood pellet grills are becoming so popular, that more than twenty brands are available in the United States. Wood pellet grills offer the convenience of a gas grill, the flavor of a charcoal grill and the accuracy of your kitchen oven!

What Are The Advantages?


Gas grilling only offers grillers one option, but wood pellet grills provide so much more! From slow-roasting a beef tenderloin to baking ciabatta rolls, wood pellet grills allow you to do it all.


Since wood pellet grills allow you to choose your temperature, you’re left with consistent results with every use. Equipt with the latest grilling technologies, wood pellet grills monitor the temperature of your unit for you, adding pellets as needed to regulate the heat.

Endless Flavor Options

Grillers can choose from a variety of wood pellet flavors to add taste to your foods naturally. Options include apple, Mesquite, cherry, hickory, maple, pecan, and more!

Easy Cleanup

Do you want to create delicious meals without the arduous cleanup of a gas grill? Wood pellet grills are your answer! The grates are cast metal coated in porcelain, which means they can go directly in the dishwasher! You can even cover the deflector with heavy duty aluminum foil, and replace after every few grillings!

What Brands Do You Recommend?

Courtland Hearth and Hardware carries Louisiana Grills, Pit Boss, Trauger, and Memphis wood pellet grills. We stock year round and always have at least 14 different grilling pellets. Are you interested in learning more about this growing industry? Stop by and talk with one of our experienced team members!

Visit Courtland Hearth and Hardware Today!

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