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The Benefits Of LED Outdoor Lighting!

LED lighting

Learn more about the benefits of LED lighting today!

With the hot summer days we’ve been having in Maryland lately, once the sun goes down you and your family love to spend time outdoors in the cool air. Don’t ruin your peaceful evening with a ton of bugs buzzing around your supposedly relaxing sitting space! Those mosquitos, moths, gnats, and flies are attracted to the glow of certain outdoor lights. During the day, the flowers these guys frequent reflect UV light from the sun. They mistake your tasteful outdoor lighting for a food source! CFL bulbs actually emit UV rays which only make that irritating cloud of insects even worse. Don’t go through the drudgery of spraying tons of bug spray, lighting special candles, or investing in an expensive screened porch! Simply change your light bulbs. It’s proven that LED lighting produces virtually no UV rays! Those bugs are a thing of the past when you install the right bulbs, and you’ll soon be able to enjoy your relaxing outdoor space after a long, hot day the right way! Let’s take a look at some more benefits of LED lighting.

Switch To An Energy Efficient Alternative

LED bulbs are far more energy efficient than their CFL counterparts. You’ll use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, which saves a lot of money! They also start working immediately, with no warm up period that CFL bulbs need in order to glow brightly.Take the time today to purchase a greener product that provides the same amount of brightness, and put that extra cash into savings.

Bulb Replacement Rates Significantly Decrease

Lasting 25 times longer than conventional light bulbs, your new LED lighting nearly never burns out! This means you won’t need to replace them as often as CFL bulbs. They’re also much more durable than incandescent bulbs with no delicate filament wire which breaks easily. With less money spent on stocking up on lighting, you’ll have more cash to invest in more important things!

Stay Safe With LED Bulbs

CFL bulbs contain mercury which is extremely harmful to your family’s health. If you’re trying to replace a CFL bulb and it breaks in your hand, or you accidently step on the broken shards, you could contract mercury poisoning from the open cuts. Signs of mercury poisoning include itching, pain, loss of sensation, inability to control muscles, shedding skin, swelling, profuse sweating, and rapid heartbeat. Long term mercury exposure causes chronic health issues, so seek help right away. If you have any of these symptoms call 911 immediately. LED bulbs are a much safer light bulb alternative. They are recyclable and do not contain any toxins. You’ll feel better about your investment knowing your loved ones are safe

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