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A Bird Lover’s Guide to Attracting More Cardinals to the Yard

cardinal in snowy tree

Are you looking to bring more cardinals to the yard?

There are fewer delights more simple than viewing wildlife from the comfort of one’s home. During a Maryland summer, the bluebirds can be heard singing almost every morning and it isn’t uncommon to spot a lingering flash of a hummingbird feeding on a nearby bush.The Maryland winters offer a different variety of birdlife, one species being the Northern Cardinal. This red, fiery bird can be found perched on a tree or hopping on the ground hunting for food and shelter. His coat stands out against the leafless trees and the snow-covered landscape, making the Northern Cardinal a favorite amongst homeowners and wildlife enthusiasts. Read on to discover how you can attract more cardinals this winter!


Cardinals are looking for food and will flock towards areas where sustenance is more abundant. In the wildlife, cardinals eat a variety of foods including fruits, berries, seeds, caterpillars, and beetles. They’re favorite seeds, however, are black oil sunflower or safflower seeds. Their large bill allows them to open the larger striped sunflower seeds with ease. If you want to attract more cardinals this season, fill a birdfeeder with the above mentioned seeds. Cardinals love cover feeders, but need a feeder sturdy enough for the strong bird to perch.


Filling the birdbath in your front yard is easier done in the summer, but birds still love to bathe and drink during the colder winter months. Fill the birdbath with warm water each morning, and cardinals will enjoy a dip or bathe after their breakfast!


Cardinals won’t nest in nesting boxes, so you’ll need to ensure that there are natural places for the birds to make their homes. Cardinals love thick trees, thickets, or shrubs where they can build their nests between 3 and 20 feet off of the ground.


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