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How Can I Find the Right Snow Shovel?

111960325This time last year, Maryland was hit with one of the biggest snowstorms that the state had seen in years. Roads were left unpaved and shops were closed for days. The snow, though lovely, makes it difficult to perform daily tasks such as purchasing milk or going to work. That’s why it’s necessary to have the proper snow removal tools on hand for when you need it the most. So how does one choose a snow shovel that’s right for them?


The first thing to do is to determine how much snow you need to clear. Obviously, the amount of snow depends on the size of the snowstorm, but you can calculate this by averaging out past years of snowfall. If you have a lot of snow to clean up in a short period of time, a wide snow shovel is a great choice. A wide shovel allows you to cover a larger area more efficiently, saving you time and energy.


Ergonomic snow shovels are a great choice for those who find shoveling to be more physically challenging than most. These shovels allow for you to clean snow with less strain and effort. They’re designed to be lightweight and easier to maneuver, requiring minimal stooping and bending.


Plastic snow shovels are lightweight which takes less of a toll on your body, but metal may be a better choice for clearing snow mixed with ice. Metal shovels provide more strength necessary for tackling heavy ice and snow while plastic shovels are perfect for smaller jobs.

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