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How to Control Spiders Around the House

Discover how to safeguard your house from spiders and other insects with tips from Courtland Hearth and Hardware.

The warm Maryland summers attract all sorts of wildlife, from speckled doe to cottontail rabbits. Unfortunately, not all fauna are fluffy and cute, and some can even become unwelcome guests in your home. While most spiders are harmless, The Black Widow and the Brown Recluse pose an immediate health risk to your family. Discover how to safeguard your house from spiders and other insects with tips from Courtland Hearth and Hardware.

Clean the House

The first step you should take towards eliminating spiders from your home is to assess the cleanliness of your property. Spiders love messy environments where they can hide and populate. Remove any unnecessary clutter from your yard and the perimeter of your home to decrease the infestation.

Seal the Cracks

Spiders can enter through the smallest cracks in your windows, doors, and even vents. Use a caulk to patch up cracks and holes to prevent spiders from easily crawling inside. Torn window screens serve as perfect portals for spiders and other insects, so it’s important to replace them as well.

Move Plants Away from the House

Potted plants and other vegetation serve as the perfect hiding spot for spiders and other insects. If your spider problem is intense, consider transporting shrubs, trees, and other plants away from the perimeter of the house.

Apply an Insecticide

Carefully spray the corners, cracks, and baseboards of your home with a pesticide that contains pyrethroid. Read all of the instructions, and consider wearing a disposable face mask for extra protection.

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