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How to Get a Clean Line with Bath & Kitchen Caulk

Discover a few tips for achieving a perfect caulk line every time!

Discover how to achieve a perfect caulk line every time!

Bath and kitchen caulk provides a variety of benefits to your home. It fights the growth of bacteria and mold while sealing out water and moisture around sinks and other fixtures. A quality caulk supplies a durable, waterproof seal, and requires minimal maintenance. As useful as bath and kitchen caulk may be, applying it smoothly can present some challenges. Discover a few tips for achieving a perfect caulk line every time!

Purchase the Right Caulk

With so many different types of bath and kitchen caulk available, it can be hard to select the right kind. Many varieties of caulk are silicone, but latex can be easier to handle if it’s your first time. Talk to a professional at Courtland Hearth & Hardware, and they can provide you with the best option for your project.

Assemble the Right Tools

Every DIY project requires a series of tools and materials to complete the job. You don’t want to start your project only to realize you don’t have masking tape on hand. Ensure that you have a caulk gun, putty knife, rags, caulk remover, masking tape, and paper towels before you begin.

Masking Tape

Achieve a clean, even line every time by pressing a strip of masking tape along the line of the shower or sink. Once you have ensured that the tape is straight, apply a line of silicone caulk. The tape keeps the caulk inside of the lines, leaving you with a fresh, straight line once the tape is removed.

Section by Section

Don’t try to smooth the caulk around the entire shower at one time. Take your time, but keep in mind that once the caulk begins to dry it can be difficult to achieve your desired look. Work in sections, and use your hands to smooth the caulk is your dispense it.

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