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Courtland Hearth and Hardware can turn those outdoor grilling fantasies into a reality.

Step into our friendly, full-service hardware stores and munch on free popcorn as our knowledgeable staff finds exactly what you’re looking for. Over 133 years old, you’ll be able to feel the old time charm as you’re immediately greeted upon entrance, and guided across our wood floors of the past. From outdoor grills and fire pits, to landscaping needs, house and car key cutting, and fully installed pellet, wood and gas fireplaces, we do it all!  We bring the heat here at Courtland Hearth and Hardware! We’ll provide the perfect tools to brighten that outdoor living space you’ve always wanted. From roasting marshmallows and hot dogs with the kids, to throwing a backyard BBQ, the possibilities for spending quality time with family and friends are endless. Roast up some fire-grilled, succulent chicken breasts sprinkled with olive oil and rosemary. Once the sun goes down, relax and unwind with your favorite bottle of wine by a blazing fire pit. As your number one choice in homeowner needs, we’ll familiarize you with the services and products we provide for your home projects, repair, and installations.

We Offer The Best Selection Of Outdoor Grills

Courtland Hearth and Hardware offers the largest display and inventory of propane, wood pellet, ceramic smoker, and charcoal grills. A modern, multi-faceted grill will last a number of years, reliably cooking up those summer dinners and catering for your boisterous fun-in-the-sun celebrations. From wood burning appliances, to gas powered beauties, Courtland Hearth and Hardware has the grill for you! We offer maintenance hardware and accessories you’ll need to keep your culinary passion ablaze. Come in today! Our expert staff will guide you through our wide selection and find the grill that’s right for you. With the freedom to physically interact with the product before you buy, we guarantee you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Have a knowledgeable staff member stand by while you assess gas-powered flames, fiddle with knobs, and test opening hinges.

Weber Grill Products

Courtland Hearth and Hardware offers a complete line of Weber grill products. From gas, electric, charcoal, portable grills, and smokers, Weber products cater to all outdoor cooking needs. With the latest, updated products you’ll appreciate the different grilling circumstances Weber products allow for. Whether you live in a loft, and need a small, electric-powered appliance, or you’ve owned a 10 acre rancher and need a heavy-duty, stainless steel giant for those annual neighborhood outdoor extravaganzas, Courtland Hearth and Hardware carries the Weber Grilling product you need!

Big Green Egg Products

Big Green Egg products are probably the most notable grills we carry. Why might you ask? Because they, quite literally, live up to their names. Resembling a, well, ‘big, green egg,’ they’re the best ceramic cooking systems. With a green porcelain glaze, a variety of easily adjustable cooking temperatures,  and stainless steel cooking grids Big Green Egg Products have been leading in the market for four years. With seven different sizes, choose the egg that fits in your outdoor living space best! Is your’s acting funny lately? Courtland Hearth and Hardware carries the necessary accessories, and related products to keep your mean, green grilling machine sizzling smoothly.

Louisiana Grill Products

Louisiana Grill products offer versatility, ease and control and are said to be the best competitor in the commercial grilling industry. With added tools and accessories for the preparation of any meal from ribs, pizza, salmon, steak, jerky and so much more, you can create the ultimate outdoor culinary experience with these behemoths. Purchase a Louisiana Grill product with flavored pellets and add a smoky finish to your marinated flank steak. Experiment with shrimp, salmon and scallops one night, then spice things up with succulent red meat the next! With no need to constantly tend to your searing cutlets, grilling with Louisiana Grill products is as simple as introducing your food of choice to the hot, iron grids, closing the lid, and letting them sit. The ease and control of temperature adjustment will have your grill smoking at the exact heat index you need it to. Not only are Louisiana Grill products great for meat versatility and temperature accuracy, they’re also the leading grill choice in the commercial sector. The Super Hog does it all! For those who need to feed the masses, Louisiana Grill products are your best option.

Adding A Fire Pit

Now that you’ve made a decision on an incredible grill, adding a fire pit will transform your backyard into an outdoor paradise! Entertain your old friends and family this weekend by furnishing your fire pit with plush, comfortable lawn chairs and sofas. Everyone will bond as they cozy up next to each other once the sweltering sun goes down and the night air cools. Fire pits are self-contained, portable, and easy-to-install. Keep your guests safe with a professionally manufactured fire pit that keeps those licking flames under control. With moveable convenience, get creative! You’ll be able to create an outdoor exterior design of your choice each night of the week. Maybe you’re feeling a bit claustrophobic as those hot flames flicker as you turn steaks, wiping sweat from your brow. No problem! If it’s too hot, move the fire pit to a more isolated part of your yard. The breeze won’t carry the heat toward you as much. Courtland Hearth and Hardware offers fire pits in a number of different styles, sizes and colors. Choose the one that matches your yard today!

Fun Activities To Do Surrounding Your Fire Pit  

Slap a metal grate across those lively flames and you can cook anything! Host your own summer camp out fully stocked with hot dogs, marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars. Bring some aluminum foil from inside and place some popcorn kernels in them! Bring out some fresh corn on the cob and roast over an open flame. Your guests will marvel at your expertise. Sing fun campfire songs, and unwind with stories, snacks, and warm beverages. The smell of smoldering wood brings us back to childhood summer camps, friendship, and activities. Experience the nostalgia once more while surrounded by people you care about.

Prepare For The Winter And Install A Fire Place Early!

Here at Courtland Hearth and Hardware we’ve provided stoves, fireplaces, and the necessary hearth inserts and accessories since 1951. Our friendly staff will select the hearth appliance to fit your home perfectly, and understands all pellet, wood, and gas applications. Certified by the National Fireplace Institute, we’re the company you want to make those cozy indoor flames a reality. We also provide all comprehensive services and parts to keep your hearth working to its fullest potential. With a Fireplace Shop featuring a showroom with working demo models, come test out the hearth for you. If you live in a home where fireplace renovations just aren’t feasible, we offer electric fireplaces as well. Be sure to prepare your home early for those chilly months! Come into to one of our four locations today and create a cozy, intimate living room nook with a new fireplace.

Visit Courtland Hearth And Hardware For Your Cookout Plans

Our store has been around since 1883! With 100 years of experience, Courtland Hearth and Hardware is the best in the business. Come see why our loyal customers and contractors say, “Courtland Is Harford County’s Best Hardware Store” today!

With a wide variety of outdoor grills, fire pits, and the necessary accessories that go along with them, Courtland Hearth and Hardware is your number one choice for outdoor living needs. With a fully stocked hardware store, wide fireplace selection including installation services and parts, we house every tool to make your homeowner’s experience rewarding! If you need a glass window or screen repaired, plexi-glass or glass cut to size, we have the necessary tools for you! With over 35,000 products in stock, we’ll carry those items you won’t find in big box stores. Come get your fireplace serviced or tools sharpened today!

Serving Maryland, Courtland Hearth and Hardware has 4 convenient locations in Bel Air, Fallston, and White Marsh. Visit our Forest Hill location for all your fireplace needs, as it is exclusively a hearth supplier. Contact us today with your fireplace, outdoor living, and hardware needs.

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