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Are You Looking For A New BBQ Grill?

Visit Courtland Hearth and Hardware for a new bbq grill!

Visit Courtland Hearth and Hardware for a new BBQ grill!

Do you want the convenience of a gas grill, the smoky flavor of a charcoal grill, and the accuracy of your kitchen oven? Discover the benefits of natural wood pellet grills at Courtland Hearth and Hardware!

▪️ NATURAL – Wood pellets are an all natural product. No petroleum products in them, no fillers, chemicals, or binders.

▪️ DELICIOUS WOOD FIRE FLAVOR – Gas grills have no flavor. Wood provides a great smoke flavor to any food that you grill.

▪️ AMAZING VERSATILITY IN GRILLING – Smoke, Grill, Bake, Roast, Sear, Braise, Char-Grill, BBQ. With wood pellet grills, unlike gas grilling, it’s not just food over a flame. From slow-roasting a pork shoulder, smoking ribs, to high heat searing a steak, pellet grills allow you to do it all. It’s eight different types of grilling with flavor, convenience, and perfect results every time!

▪️ UNBELIEVABLE CONSISTENCY & ACCURACY – Unlike other types of grills, Wood Pellet Grills allow you to choose your grilling temperature. giving you consistent results with every use. They do this by monitoring the temperature for you, automatically adding pellets as needed to regulate the temperature. This allows you to replicate perfect results, time and time again.

▪️ WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE – Wood Pellet Grills offer the widest temperature range. 170° to 600° on some models. Plus 1000° Searing temperatures on Louisiana & Pit Boss grills.

▪️ NO FLARE-UPS – Wood Pellet Grills are far safer than other grills. They never flare up.

▪️ EVEN COOKING – With Wood Pellet Grill’s air induction, you enjoy convection style grilling, which provides even heat all over your food. No need to rotate your food. No need for a rotisserie. Never a burn spot on your foods, just even heat on all sides of your food.

▪️ CHOOSE YOUR FLAVOR – Wide variety of natural wood pellets for different grilling foods. Easily available in hardware stores, grilling retailers and online. Choose from: Alder, Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Mesquite, Oak, Pecan. Plus many combination kinds of wood used by Pit Masters such as Competition Mix with Hickory, Maple & Cherry.

▪️ INEXPENSIVE GRILLING – With propane gas with an average cost of $20 for a refill, that comparable to an average $20 price of a 20 lb bag of natural wood pellets. A 40 lb bag of Louisiana Grill’s Competition Mix is $29, so that provides less than half the cost of propane. Remember that propane gas has no flavor. Wood pellets provide incredible flavor.

▪️ GRILL IN ANY WEATHER – Cold days, no problem, your wood pellet grill can hit your targeted temperature. On a rainy day, keep your wood pellet grill in a safe area under cover. On windy days, no issues with the hood closed. Unlike other types of grills, the wind will no effect on wood pellet grill temperatures and ability to cook.

▪️ SMART GRILL – All other grills utilize propane, natural gas and/or charcoal. All grills fueled with one of these require the user to have great knowledge of their grill and typically demand the user to be present to “babysit” the grill. Not so with wood pellet grills because they utilize IC’s to maintain the settings that you choose.

▪️ EASIEST GRILL TO USE – No dangerous gas, No mess with charcoal. Just plug into an outlet, touch a button, start grilling in minutes. Can you say, “SET IT & FORGET IT!”?

Want to learn more, see several wood pellet grills or even test drive one during a live grilling demo?

Call Dave @ Courtland Hearth. 410-838-5161

▫️ FREE INFORMATION – Learn about your options before you choose your next grill.

▫️ FREE ASSEMBLY – Relax, we’ll put it together, test it and have it ready to go.


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