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Do I Need a Wheelbarrow or a Lawn Cart?

Visit Courtland Hearth & Hardware for your new wheelbarrow or lawn cart!

Visit Courtland Hearth & Hardware for your new wheelbarrow or lawn cart!

As the autumn air nips at our toes, homeowners throughout Maryland will take to the outdoors to prepare their landscape for the changing season. Moving plants and hauling soil can be an arduous task, so it’s important to have the right equipment for the job. Discover the differences between wheelbarrows and lawn carts, and which tool will be better suited for the chores ahead.


Wheelbarrows and lawn carts are easy to distinguish from one another. Wheelbarrows are commonly associated with having one single wheel, while lawn carts operate on dual wheels. Wheelbarrows are made of metal or other sturdy materials while lawn carts are typically made of less sturdy metal or plastic. While wheelbarrows have two handles, lawn carts have a single connecting bar (similar to a stroller).

Discover how you could benefit from a lawn cart.


The slope and curve of the front of a wheelbarrow make it the perfect option for transporting heavy goods such as mulch, soil, or hardscaping materials. If you’re installing your own patio or refreshing flower beds, a wheelbarrow will make the job considerably easier.

Lawn carts are better suited for lighter tasks, such as transporting leaves and small plants throughout a garden. If you’re completing simple landscaping tasks, like raking leaves or cleaning debris, a lawn cart would be better suited for you.


While both wheelbarrows and lawn carts are considered safe and user-friendly, garden carts are considered more stable because of their two wheeled design. Using a wheelbarrow requires a considerable amount of strength since the user is required to balance the load on one wheel. Small children, elderly, and disabled gardeners should opt for lawn carts over wheelbarrows.


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