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Now is the Time to Sharpen Your Mower Blades

Before you turn your mower on, ensure that your blades are sharpened and set to the cutting height.

Before you turn your mower on, ensure that your blades are sharpened and set to the cutting height.

The rain continues to fall on the East Coast, and your grass is certainly benefiting from the excess nutrients. Before you turn your mower on, ensure that your blades are sharpened and set to the correct cutting height. Are you unsure if your mower is adequately prepared? Learn more from the professionals at Courtland Hearth & Hardware.

Cut High

The proper cutting height depends on a variety of factors, from the grass type to the season, but more than often it’s best to cut high. Professionals suggest setting their mowers between 2 and 3.75 inches. Mowing too short is detrimental for the life of your grass because it makes it more difficult for the plants to manufacture food. When grass is cut higher, it’s more tolerant to stress and intense heat.

Mow Often

As a rule, mowers should never cut more than one-third of the height of the leaf blade. At this rate, homeowners must mow their lawn once a week to maintain a beautiful landscape. The key to a healthy lawn is consistency, so it’s best to be vigilant and keep an eye on your growing grass. Depending on weather and grass type, your lawn could grow slower or faster than normal. It’s your job to monitor your lawn’s progress throughout the summer. When those dry months of summer hit, grass cut 2 1/2″ to 3″ will be healthy. Homeowners that cut low will stress out their lawns and end up with dried up dead grass

Maintain Equipment

If you want to maintain a beautiful lawn, it’s important to take care of your mowing equipment. Blades that are dull or poorly adjusted tear at healthy grass, leaving your landscape vulnerable to disease. To ensure that your equipment is well-maintained, purchase an extra mower blade for your machine. If you have a blade stored in the garage, you can replace it before it’s too late.

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