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Protect Your Motor Vehicles with the Battery Tender

Stop by Courtland Hearth & Hardware and pick up The Battery Tender.

Stop by Courtland Hearth & Hardware and pick up The Battery Tender.

If you own a riding mower, tractor, snowmobile, or other motor vehicles, the extreme winter temperature can have a negative impact on their batteries. Protect your investments this season, and purchase The Battery Tender today!

What is The Battery Tender?

During periods of downtime, motor vehicles lose their electric charge. The Battery Tender hooks up easily and doesn’t just offer refreshing power; it delivers “smart power”. Automatic 4 step charging gets your battery up to the peak level and keeps it there without overcharging and causing damage. The charge is temperature compensated for best performance in any season, available in 6 and 12-volt models. It’s safe, spark proof, and reverse polarity protected.

How is it Different Than Other Battery Chargers?

Most automatic battery chargers turn off when the battery voltages achieve a preset level, but the internal losses consume the stored charge when sitting idle. Other automatic chargers restart when the battery voltage is too low, but this ongoing cycle can reduce the effectiveness of the battery. The Battery Tender doesn’t turn off after the battery is charged. Instead, it switches to a safe float voltage level to maintain charge without harming the battery.

Courtland Hearth & Hardware Can Help

Courtland Hearth and Hardware offers a variety of Battery Tender products! Shop online, or visit one of our locations and talk to our knowledgeable staff!

Our store has been around since 1883! With 100 years of experience, Courtland Hearth and Hardware is the best in the business. Come see why our loyal customers and contractors say, “Courtland Is Harford County’s Best Hardware Store” today!

Serving Maryland, Courtland Hearth and Hardware has 4 convenient locations in Bel Air, Fallston, and White Marsh. Visit our Forest Hill location for all your fireplace needs, as it is exclusively a Hearth supplier. Contact us today with your fireplace, outdoor living, and hardware needs.

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