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Refuel With These Handy Tips For Transporting Your Propane Fuel Tank



Protect yourself from serious injury by following our propane tank transport tips!

Grilling season is upon us! Gathering the necessary amenities and accessories for your new grill will get you outside enjoying the nice Maryland weather sooner than you think. You’re probably planning on using your propane grill a lot this year. Don’t start off this season unprepared! You’ll  most certainly run out of fueling propane by the end of the summer if you don’t take the time to stock up. Keep your passion inflamed!  Hauling any flammable liquid is risky. This week, we’ll take the time to show you the best way to transport your new propane fuel tank to ensure your safety. If you love outdoor grilling and want to continue your culinary adventures, it’s in your best interest to keep reading.

General Rules Of Safety

Handling propane incorrectly has major consequences. If a small amount leaks into the interior of your car or home, a small spark or friction could cause a fire. Neglecting to follow safety rules could result in dangerous explosions! Transporting your 20lb propane tanks can be a hassle, but teaching yourself how to take your tank home will make your life easier and avoids serious personal injury. The first thing you’ll need to focus on is keeping your new tank from rolling around in your trunk compartment. Don’t just simply place it in the back of your car, unfastened and unsecured. Keep it in place by putting it in an old, unused milk carton, or appropriately sized cardboard box. You’ll avoid damage to the interior of your car and the tank itself by keeping it from moving. Follow these additional general safety rules as well.

  • Keep Your Propane Tank Positioned Upright– If your tank is leaning on its side, the possibility of a propane leak greatly increases. Propane tanks are designed with a safety release valve that resembles a black knob located by the opening. Pressure is released by turning the knob. If you place your propane tank, unfastened, on its side, the movement could cause the knob to turn on its own. Then you’ve got a propane leak in your car. If ignited, your car could explode and result in serious injury or death.
  • Monitor Temperature Appropriately– Do not leave your tank in the car for a prolonged period of time, especially during sweltering summer days. Propane is sensitive to heat! If it’s exposed to high temperature for too long it could inflame. Take one trip with your new tank; from the store directly to your home.
  • Is Your Trunk Free Of Hazards?– You should remove anything from your trunk that could potentially puncture your propane tank. Any sharp objects, tools etc. need to be taken out. Keep the likelihood of a leak to a minimum. Make sure you softly close your trunk once the tank is securely placed, you don’t it to bang against the valve and release propane-filled pressure.




Be Safe And Enjoy Your New Grill With Family And Friends

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