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The Bar Keeper’s Friend – A Courtland Hearth & Hardware Favorite!


Keep everything clean with the Bar Keeper’s Friend!

In 1882, a chemist from Indianapolis discovered that the chemical found in plants such as rhubarb had the ability to make his pots and pans exceptionally clean. Using the active ingredient found in these plants, oxalic acid, he formulated a talcum-smooth cleanser and sold it to the nearby taverns. His customers were so pleased with how well the substance worked that the product was named “The Bar Keepers Friend.” We carry this cleaner at Courtland Hearth because we use it every day. It’s far better than other abrasive cleaners like Comet or Ajax because it removes hard stains that heavy duty acid cleaners can’t. From removing scratches on dishes to dissolving rust, it seems there’s nothing that The Bar Keeper’s Friend can’t clean.


The Best Way To Use It


The Bar Keeper’s Friend is truly an exceptional product when used correctly. First, wet the surface to be cleaned and then apply a small amount of the product to the surface. With a damp rag, apply an appropriate amount of pressure to clean the area. Rinse the surface thoroughly afterward. Oftentimes you may need something a little tougher than a rag to get the surface clean. In these cases, use a rough sponge and plenty of elbow grease!


Where Can I Use It?


Bar Keepers Friend cleaning products can be used almost anywhere such as:


In the kitchen: Use BFK (powder or liquid) to clean sinks, countertops, cooktops, cookware, and even tile and grout. This product is perfect for erasing grease and grime that builds up over hours spending rolling the perfect meatball.


In the bathroom: BFK is perfect for the bathroom. Use it to clean the scum that develops in the bathtub, toilet, and even the shower.


In the garage: Keep your vehicles clean with the Bar Keeper’s Friend! Test-clean all wheels before attempting to remove brake dust as the product isn’t intended for use on paint or plastic vehicle trim. Use it to clean all of your toys from your golf clubs to your bicycles.


On the grill: Keep the exterior of your grill and your grilling utensils clean with the BFK! Use a garden hose to rinse thoroughly.


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