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Pellet Fuel

American Wood Fibers Plant in OhioCourtland Hearth & Hardware provides a complete selection of wood pellet fuel. We carry the top brands, including Lignetics, Hamer, Power, Turman, , Easy Blaze, and Ultra White Pine.

You may choose from premium hardwood sawdust pellets to the super-premium mix. High BTU heat output and low ash content assure you of comfortable, cozy warmth, and reduced cleaning frequency. Wood pellets are convenient, environmentally friendly, and don’t contribute to global warming.

Pricing below is subject to change. Call 1-866-4WARMTH for the most up-to-date pricing.

Wood Pellets

    • Lignetics Wood Pellet FuelLignetics
    • Lignetics Gold Wood Pellet FuelLignetics Gold
    • Hamer Hardwood Pellet FuelHamer
    • Turman Wood Pellet FuelTurman

    • Power Pellets Wood Pellet FuelPower Pellets

  • Easy Blaze Premium Wood Pellet FuelEasy Blaze
  • Ultra Premium White Pine Softwood Wood Pellet FuelUltra Premium White Pine Softwood
Blaschak Coal Wood Pellet FuelBlaschak Coal

Courtland Hearth & Hardware is proud to offer the finest brand of coal available to our customers. Blaschak Coal is the cleanest burning, highest yield anthracite coal available on the market today. We sell both rice and chestnut grade coal products.For more information please visit the Blaschak Coal Corp. website.

Pellet Pricing

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