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Hot Buys at Courtland Hearth & Hardware

Find the latest deals on our hot buys, including a variety of demo burn models and floor models. Search our inventory below, select the model you’re interested in and click the “Get A Quote” button and our staff will provide you with a price for your selected pieces of equipment.

Gas Stove Vent Free

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
MONESSEN SUNDANCE $500.00Forest Hill305452347Burn


SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Dimplex 20″ Oak Cabinet $100.00Forest Hill300752331Burn
Dimplex 25″ Revillusion $150.00White Marsh203494Burn
SIMPLIFIRE 26″ Ashley Cabinet $250.00White Marsh6002203329Burn
Dimplex 33″ Multifire $450.00Bel Air1041983971Burn
SIMPLIFIRE 36″ Kenwood Cabinet Sold!Forest Hill301052328Burn
Dimplex 36″ Revillusion $350.00White Marsh6040203490Burn
Simpli Fire 58″ Wall Mount Linear $350.00Bel Air1001983861Burn
Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro 1000 $650.00Bel Air1044963194Burn

Gas Fireplace

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Heat&Glo 32″ See Thru Modern $2000.00Forest Hill301152327Burn
Heat&Glo 6000C Modern $600.00Forest Hill301452325Burn
Heat&Glo 6000CLX-IPI-S $1000.00White Marsh6029203487Burn
Heat&Glo 8000CLX-IPI-T $1000.00White Marsh6031203486Burn
Heatilator Crave 36″ $1400.00Fallston2136711034Burn
Mendota FV41 $1800.00White Marsh6037203496Burn
Heatilator Heirloom 36″ $2500.00Fallston2138711038Burn
Heat&Glo Lux36 $2500.00Forest Hill300252332Burn
Heatilator NDV4236I $750.00White Marsh6038203482Burn
Heatilator NEVO3630I $1000.00White Marsh6041203481Burn
Heatilator NNXT4236IF-B $600.00White Marsh6028203488Burn
Heatilator Novus30 $400.00Forest Hill302052322Burn
Heat&Glo REVO V12 $1800.00Fallston2145711029Burn
Heatilator SL-7X $750.00Forest Hill301652324Burn
Heat&Glo SL-7XLP IFT $550.00Fallston2133711033Burn
Heat&Glo Slimline 750-TRS $1100.00Fallston2135723286Burn
Heat&Glo Soho24 $2000.00Forest Hill301252326Burn
Heat&Glo SOHO24LP $2000.00Fallston2137711036Burn
Heat&Glo TRUE-42C $3000.00White Marsh6033203485Burn
Heat&Glo True36 $1400.00Forest Hill302352320Burn

Gas Insert

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Mendota FV33i $1200.00Bel Air1007963176Burn
Mendota FV33i $800.00Forest Hill308352348Other
Mendota FV44i $800.00White Marsh6027203495Burn
Quadra Fire QFI30FB $1000.00White Marsh6036203484Display
Quadra Fire QFI30FB $1100.00Fallston2128723281Display
Quadra Fire QFI30FB $1300.00Forest Hill306452339Burn
Quadra Fire QFI30FB IPI $1100.00Fallston2127711017Display
Quadra Fire QFI35 $1000.00White Marsh6053203478Display
Quadra Fire QFI35 $1000.00Forest Hill306552344Burn
Heat&Glo SUPREME I30 $800.00Fallston2130711032Display
Heat&Glo Supreme I30 $900.00White Marsh6052203472Display

Gas Stove

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Quadra Fire Garnet $400.00Forest Hill307354183Burn
Vermont Castings RADIANCE $1000.00Forest Hill305552350Burn
Quadra Fire Sapphire MBK $700.00White Marsh208747Burn
Heat&Glo TIARAI I $700.00White Marsh6025203330Display

Pellet Stove

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Harman Absolute 43 $850.00White Marsh6022206471Display
Harman Absolute 43 Porcelain Majolica Brown $950.00Forest Hill304053766Display
Harman Absolute 63 $900.00Fallston2105723250Display
Harman Allure 50 Gloss Black $1500.00Fallston2112Burn
Harman Allure 50 Red $900.00Bel Air1024983934Display
Quadra Fire Trekker $800.00White Marsh6023206472Display
Harman XXV TC Porcelian Majolica Brown $1000.00Fallston2109723253Display


SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Harman HEAT CHAMPION $2800.00White Marsh6032203489Display

Wood Fireplace

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Heatilator Accelerator 36″ $350.00Forest Hill301953725Display