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Hot Buys at Courtland Hearth & Hardware

Find the latest deals on our hot buys, including a variety of demo burn models and floor models. Search our inventory below, select the model you’re interested in and click the “Get A Quote” button and our staff will provide you with a price for your selected pieces of equipment.


SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
SIMPLIFIRE 23″ Fireplace (Complete) $280.00White Marsh10101Burn
Dimplex 36″ Revillusion Portait Fireplace $520.00White Marsh27216Burn
SIMPLIFIRE 38″ Wall Mounted Fireplace (Black) $212.00Forest Hill14338Burn
SIMPLIFIRE 58″ Wall Mounted Fireplace (White) $300.00Bel Air10013Burn
SIMPLIFIRE Allusion 60 Fireplace (Complete) $489.00Forest Hill11422Burn
SIMPLIFIRE Allusion Platinum 72 Fireplace (Complete) $911.00White Marsh600165Burn
SIMPLIFIRE BI36 Fireplace $440.00Forest HillBurn
Dimplex Opti-myst 40″ Pro 1000 Built-In Fireplace (Complete) $1583.00Bel AirBurn
Dimplex Opti-myst Stockbridge Stove $400.00Bel AirBurn

Gas Fireplace

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Heat&Glo 32″ Modern See-Thru (Complete) $3389.00Forest Hill21610104Burn
Heat&Glo 6000C Modern (Complete) $3758.00Forest Hill4875649Burn
Heat&Glo 6000CLX (Complete) $2075.00White Marsh5445479Burn
Heat&Glo 8000CLX (Complete) $1800.00White Marsh4551356Burn
Heat&Glo CRAVE36 (Complete) $2900.00Fallston24064677Burn
Heatilator EVOLUTION 30 (Complete) $1640.00White Marsh1826285Burn
Mendota FV34 (Complete) $1995.00Bel Air230Burn
Mendota FV41 Arch (Complete) $2434.00White Marsh011569Burn
Mendota FV41 Décor (Complete) $2380.00White Marsh319Burn
Heat&Glo LUX36 (Complete) $4400.00Forest Hill22988959Burn
Heat&Glo MEZZO60 (Complete) $6689.00Bel Air24058475Burn
Heatilator NOVUS 30 (Complete) $767.00Forest Hill4963380Burn
Heatilator NOVUS 36 (Complete) $700.00White Marsh4597922Display
Heatilator NOVUS NXT 36 (Complete) $900.00Fallston5274909Burn
Heatilator NOVUS NXT 36 (Complete) $848.00White Marsh4610225Burn
Heat&Glo REVO (Complete) $2292.00Fallston23618344Burn
Heat&Glo SL-750TRS (Complete) $2346.00Fallston23678429Burn
Heat&Glo SL-7X (Complete) $1643.00Forest Hill4450208Burn
Heat&Glo SL-7X (Complete) $1125.00White Marsh5217505Burn
Heat&Glo SOHO24 (Complete) $3246.00Fallston2801373Burn
Heat&Glo SOHO24 (Complete) $2383.00Forest Hill21634431Burn
Heat&Glo TRUE36 (Complete) $5046.00Forest Hill22987696Burn
Heat&Glo TRUE42 (Complete) $4573.00White Marsh23693001Burn
MONESSEN VFC24 (Complete) $1908.00White Marsh192949Burn

Gas Insert

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Heat&Glo COSMO I35 (Complete) $939.00White Marsh5318484Display
Mendota D30 Timberfire (Complete) $829.00White Marsh19840Display
Heat&Glo ESCAPE 35 (Complete) $1685.00White Marsh5031655Burn
Heat&Glo ESCAPE 35 LP (Complete) $1286.00Forest Hill5357508Burn
Mendota FV33i (Complete) $1580.00Bel Air7816Burn
Mendota FV44i (Complete) $1907.00White Marsh2793Burn
Heat&Glo PROVIDENT I35 (Complete) $505.00White Marsh5152082Display
Quadra Fire QFI30FB (Complete) $1178.00Fallston4451876Display
Quadra Fire QFI30FB (Complete) $1178.00Forest Hill23827396Burn
Quadra Fire QFI30FB (Complete) $1208.00White Marsh4772775Burn
Quadra Fire QFI35 (Complete) $1046.00Forest Hill4653086Burn
Quadra Fire QFI35FB (Complete) $1304.00Fallston5124775Burn
MONESSEN SOLSTICE/VFI33 (Complete) $832.00White Marsh242932Display
Heat&Glo SUPREME 30 (Complete) $962.00Fallston4712561Display
Heat&Glo SUPREME I35 (Complete) $682.00White Marsh5261128Display

Gas Stove

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Quadra Fire Garnet $498.00Bel Air8117577Display
Vermont Castings Intrepid DV $900.00Forest Hill2335111Burn
Heat&Glo PALOMA GRAY $1187.00Forest Hill1151899Burn
Vermont Castings Radiance $850.00Fallston2320344Display
Vermont Castings Radiance $857.00White Marsh2320327Display
Vermont Castings Radiance (Total Signature) Biscuit Enamel $1364.00Forest Hill1151Burn
Quadra Fire Sapphire $672.00White Marsh81051678Burn
MONESSEN SUNDANCE VF (LP) $689.00Fallston1810396Display
MONESSEN SUNDANCE VF (Natural) $788.00White Marsh1770503Burn

Pellet Insert

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Quadra Fire Castile Insert (Complete) $794.00White Marsh2455191Display
Quadra Fire Classic Bay 1200 Insert (Complete) $646.00White Marsh8700027Display
Quadra Fire Santa Fe Insert (Complete) $568.00White Marsh8800046Display

Pellet Stove

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Harman Absolute43 $949.00Forest Hill2267122Display
Harman Accentra (Complete) $868.00Bel Air412433Display
Harman Accentra (Complete) $1062.00Forest Hill412240Burn
Harman Allure50 (Complete) $1154.00Bel Air1572461Display
Harman Allure50 (Complete) $1439.00Fallston1572495Burn
Quadra Fire Castile $845.00White Marsh2465252Burn
Harman P43 $665.00Forest Hill2366502Display
Harman P68 $1092.00White Marsh305504Burn
Quadra Fire Santa Fe $512.00White Marsh8900604Display
Quadra Fire Trekker Porcelain Twilight $1115.00Forest Hill2165474Burn
Harman XXV-TC Frost Enamel $1491.00Forest Hill1673890Burn
Harman XXV-TC Majolica Enamel $1242.00Fallston1674484Display

Wood Stove

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Quadra Fire 3100 Millennium $378.00Forest Hill2126259Display
Quadra Fire 4300 Millennium $418.00Forest Hill3052205Display
Quadra Fire 4300 Step Top (Complete) $642.00Forest Hill3052187Display
Quadra Fire 5700 Step Top (Complete) $780.00Bel Air2001799Display
Vermont Castings Dauntless Porcelain Twilight (Complete) $644.00Fallston3037246Display
Quadra Fire Discovery II (Complete) $480.00Bel Air2126481Display
Vermont Castings Encore $614.00Forest Hill2510270Display
Vermont Castings Encore Majolica Enamel (w/Transition Door) $997.00Bel Air2510805Display