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Hot Buys at Courtland Hearth & Hardware

Find the latest deals on our hot buys, including a variety of demo burn models and floor models. Search our inventory below, select the model you’re interested in and click the “Get A Quote” button and our staff will provide you with a price for your selected pieces of equipment.

Stoll Door

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Stoll HEAT CHAMPION $1500.00White Marsh6038183774Burn

Gas Fireplace LP

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Heat & Glo SL 750 TRSSL $750.00Fallston2134567882Burn
Heatilator CRAVE 36 $1000.00Fallston2135567884Burn
Heat & Glo SOHO LP 24 $1300.00Fallston2136567886Burn
Heatilator HEIRLOOM36 $950.00Fallston2137567887Burn


SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Dimplex 36″ REVILLUSION $200.00Bel Air1043707528BURN
CLASSIC FLAME 33″ ELEC $1000.00Fallston2138567888Burn
Simpli Fire 58″ LINEAR WM $500.00Forest Hill300636035Burn
Simpli Fire 36″ LINEAR WM $300.00Forest Hill300936038Burn
Simpli Fire 26″ MONARCH $250.00Forest Hill301836411Burn
Simpli Fire 26″ VENTURE $250.00Forest Hill307336036Burn
Dimplex 25″ Realistic Flame $100.00White Marsh6039183939Burn
SIMPLIFIRE 70″ BK WALL $350.00White Marsh6040183770Burn
SIMPLIFIRE ASHLEY 23″ $200.00White Marsh6041183775BURN
VAIL COMPLETE FLINT HILL $500.00White Marsh6057183815Burn

Gas Fireplace

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Heat & Glo 6000CLX $400.00Fallston2139567889Burn
Heat & Glo 550 MODERN ST $2000.00Forest Hill301136040Burn
Heat & Glo SOHO 24″ $1500.00Forest Hill301236041Burn
Heat & Glo 6000CLX $400.00Forest Hill301336042Burn
Heat & Glo SL-7X-IFT $350.00Forest Hill301436043Burn
Heat & Glo SL-5X-IFT $300.00Forest Hill301536044Burn
Heatilator CALIBER NXT $900.00Forest Hill302136414Burn
Heat & Glo TRUE 42 $2200.00White Marsh6029183601Burn
Heat & Glo SL-7X $350.00White Marsh6030183604Burn
Heatilator NOVUS36 $350.00White Marsh6034183765Burn
Heatilator NOVUS42 $500.00White Marsh6035183816BURN
Heatilator NOVUS 30 $500.00White Marsh6042183773Burn
Heat & Glo 6000CLX-IPI-S $350.00White Marsh183531Burn
Heat & Glo 8000CLX-IPI-T $500.00White Marsh183596Burn
Mendota FV41 $1000.00White Marsh183762Burn

Gas Insert

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Mendota FV44i $450.00Bel Air1010705261Burn
Mendota FV33i $1000.00Bel Air1012706916Burn
QUAD QFI30 $800.00Fallston2127567860Burn
Heat & Glo SUPREME I30 $350.00Fallston2129567865Burn
Quadra Fire QFI35 $650.00Forest Hill306736501Burn
Heat & Glo COSMO I35 $750.00Forest Hill306936682Burn
Quadra Fire QFI30 $1100.00Forest Hill307136686Burn
Heat & Glo ESCAPE I30 $1100.00Forest Hill307242715Burn
Mendota FV44I $450.00White Marsh6023183528Burn
Quadra Fire QFI30FB-C IPI $700.00White Marsh188697Burn
Heat & Glo Escape I35 F IPI $800.00White Marsh188699Burn

Gas Stove

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
QUAD GARNET $200.00Bel Air1014706931Burn
QUAD SAPPHIRE $150.00Bel Air1015706935Burn
QUAD SAPPHIRE $200.00Fallston2112567555Burn
QUAD TOPAZ $350.00Fallston2113567558Burn
Vermont Castings RADIANCE BISCUIT $650.00Forest Hill305736485Burn
Quadra Fire SAPPHIRE $300.00Forest Hill305936491Burn
QUAD SAPPHIRE $300.00White Marsh6021183526Burn
Heat & Glo TIARA 1 $450.00White Marsh6022183527Burn
MONESSEN SUNDANCE $250.00Forest Hill305636487Burn

Pellet Insert

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Harman P35i Sold!Bel Air1002705228Burn
QUAD SANTA FE $250.00Fallston2101567530Burn
Quadra Fire SANTA FE INS $250.00Forest Hill302636421Burn
QUAD SANTA FE INS $250.00White Marsh6009183477Burn
Quadra Fire Castile Insert CSB $400.00White Marsh183476Burn
Harman P35i $250.00White Marsh183479Burn
Harman P35i $250.00Forest Hill303136429Display

Pellet Stove

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
QUAD CB1200i $350.00Bel Air1001705227Burn
QUAD MT VERNON E2 PBK $450.00Bel Air1017706942Burn
Eco Choice CAB50 $200.00Bel Air1019706953Burn
Harman P68 $350.00Bel Air1021706967Burn
Harman ALLURE 50 $350.00Bel Air1036707476Burn
Harman ACCENTRA $350.00Fallston2106567536Burn
Harman XXV TC MAJ $600.00Fallston2108567542Display
Quadra Fire CASTILE $350.00Forest Hill303536453Burn
Quadra Fire MT VERNON PFT $450.00Forest Hill304536471Burn
Harman XXV TC PBK $400.00Forest Hill304636472Display
Harman ACCENTRA $350.00Forest Hill304736475Burn
Harman ALLURE 50 RED $450.00White Marsh6004183432Burn
QUAD CASTILE BLK $350.00White Marsh6011183480Burn
QUAD MT VERNON PB $350.00White Marsh6017183507Burn
Eco Choice PS35 Sold!Forest Hill306236496Display

Wood Insert

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Quadra Fire 4100i $350.00Fallston2123567587Burn
Quadra Fire 5100i $350.00Fallston2124567588Burn
Quadra Fire VOYAGEUR GRAND PMH $350.00Forest Hill302736423Display
Vermont Castings MONTPELIER $250.00Forest Hill302836426Display
QUAD VOYAGEUR Sold!White Marsh6048183807Display
QUAD VOYAGEUR GRAND PMH $450.00White Marsh6049183808Display
Quadra Fire 4100i $350.00White Marsh6050183809Burn
Eco Choice WINS18 $750.00White Marsh6051183810Burn
QUAD 2700i $350.00White Marsh6054183812Burn

Wood Stove

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
QUAD EXPLORER I $250.00Bel Air1030707000Burn
Quadra Fire 2100 MILLENNIUM $200.00Bel Air1031707012Burn
QUAD ADVENTURE II $200.00Bel Air1033707466Burn
VC DEFIANT $350.00Fallston2115567562Burn
QUAD DISCOVERY II $300.00Fallston2116567564Burn
Quadra Fire 2100 MILLENNIUM $200.00Fallston2117567566Burn
QUAD 3100 STEP TOP $350.00Fallston2119567573Burn
Quadra Fire EXPLORER II PDB $400.00Forest Hill305136479Display
Vermont Castings DEFIANT $500.00Forest Hill305336481Display
Eco Choice WS22 $800.00Forest Hill306136495Display
Quadra Fire 5700 STEP TOP $350.00White Marsh6047183806Burn
Quadra Fire ADVENTURE III $350.00Forest Hill305536487Display
Quadra Fire 2100 MILLENIUM $200.00Forest Hill304136462Display
Quadra Fire 3100 STEP TOP $750.00Forest Hill304436470Display
Vermont Castings INTREPID $250.00Forest Hill304236465Display