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Hot Buys at Courtland Hearth & Hardware

Find the latest deals on our hot buys, including a variety of demo burn models and floor models. Search our inventory below, select the model you’re interested in and click the “Get A Quote” button and our staff will provide you with a price for your selected pieces of equipment.


SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Dimplex Revillusion 25″ Log Set Sold!Bel Air1020578880Burn
Dimplex 33″ Electric $1000.00Fallston2138493663Burn
Dimplex 20″ Oak Fireplace $40.00Forest Hill300928301Burn
Simpli Fire 26″ Monarch Cabinet $150.00Forest Hill301828317Burn
Simpli Fire 70″ Linear Wall $600.00White Marsh6036173771Burn
Simpli Fire 23″ Ashley Cabinet $300.00White Marsh6037173772Burn

Gas Fireplace

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Heatilator Aveo 28 LP $750.00Fallston2132493642Burn
Heat & Glo SL-550TRS-IPI LP $1000.00Fallston2133493646Burn
Heat & Glo SL-750TRS-IPI LP Sold!Fallston2134493649Burn
Heatilator Crave 48 LP $2000.00Fallston2135493651Burn
Heat & Glo SoHo24 LP $2000.00Fallston2136493653Burn
Heatilator Heirloom 36 $2000.00Fallston2137493655Burn
Heat & Glo CFX-CRESCENT $2200.00Fallston2139493701Burn
Heat & Glo 6000CLX-IPI-S LP Sold!Fallston2141495357Display
Heat & Glo LUX36 $3000.00Forest Hill300128216Burn
Heat & Glo REVO-V12 $1200.00Forest Hill300328215Burn
Heat & Glo ST-550TM-IPI $2100.00Forest Hill301128304Burn
Heat & Glo 6000CLX-IPI-T Sold!Forest Hill301328309Burn
Heat & Glo SL-750TRS-IPI Sold!Forest Hill301428310Burn
Heatilator Aveo 28 LP $1100.00Forest Hill301928319Burn
Heatilator Novus 30″ $1200.00Forest Hill302028322Burn
Heatilator Caliber 42″ Sold!Forest Hill302128484Burn
Mendota FV41 $1700.00White Marsh6022173768Display
Heat & Glo ESCAPE-42DV Sold!White Marsh6025173753Burn
Mendota DXV45 $3000.00White Marsh6026173756Burn
Heat & Glo True42 $2700.00White Marsh6027173757Burn
Heat & Glo 6000CLX-IPI-T Sold!White Marsh6028173759Burn
Mendota FV41 $1900.00White Marsh6031173763Burn
Heat & Glo SL-5 $550.00White Marsh6032173764Display
Heat & Glo SL-750TRS-IPI Sold!White Marsh6035173770Burn
Heatilator NEVO3630I $1200.00White Marsh6039173774Burn

Gas Insert

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Heat & Glo Escape I35 Sold!Bel Air1007578789Burn
Heat & Glo Grand I35 $1000.00Bel Air1009578849Burn
Mendota FV33i $2100.00Bel Air1013579894Burn
Heat & Glo Supreme I30 $500.00Fallston2129493624Display
Quadra Fire QFI35FB-C $1400.00Forest Hill306728864Burn
Heat & Glo Cosmo I35 Sold!Forest Hill306928867Burn
Quadra Fire QFI30FB-C Sold!White Marsh6021173760Burn
Heat & Glo Escape I35 Sold!White Marsh6029173748Burn
Quadra Fire QFI35FB-C Sold!White Marsh6030173761Burn

Gas Stove

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Quadra Fire Garnet $450.00Bel Air1015578867Display
Quadra Fire Topaz Quartet MBK NG $1000.00Fallston2122493612Display
Quadra Fire Garnet $1000.00Forest Hill305828849Burn
Quadra Fire Sapphire IPI MBK Sold!Forest Hill305928853Burn
Quadra Fire Topaz MBK $1100.00Forest Hill306028854Burn
Quadra Fire Sapphire IPI CSB $1000.00White Marsh6020173747Burn
Heat & Glo Tiara I $600.00White Marsh6041173776Display
Quadra Fire Topaz PMH Sold!White Marsh6042173777Display
Quadra Fire Sapphire IPI MBK $500.00White Marsh6043173778Display
Quadra Fire Garnet Sold!White Marsh6044173779Display

Pellet Insert

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Quadra Fire Santa Fe Sold!Bel Air1001578783Display
Quadra Fire CB1200i Sold!Bel Air1002578793Burn
Harman P35i Sold!Bel Air1003578799Display
Harman Accentra 52i 24″ Sold!Bel Air1004579631Burn
Quadra Fire Castile MBK $700.00Bel Air1005578803Display
Quadra Fire Mt. Vernon PMH Sold!Bel Air1006579948Burn
Quadra Fire Mt. Vernon MBK Sold!Fallston2101493408Burn
Quadra Fire Santa Fe $350.00Fallston2102493412Display
Quadra Fire CB1200i Sold!Fallston2103493416Display
Harman Accentra 52i 24″ Sold!Fallston2104493418Burn
Quadra Fire Mt. Vernon CSB Sold!Forest Hill302928496Display
Harman Accentra 52i 24″ Sold!Forest Hill303028497Display
Harman P35i Sold!Forest Hill303128498Display
Quadra Fire Mt. Vernon E2 MBK Sold!White Marsh6006173730Burn
Harman P35i Sold!White Marsh6010173733Display
Quadra Fire Santa Fe Sold!White Marsh6011173734Display
Quadra Fire CB1200i Sold!White Marsh6012173735Burn
Harman Accentra 52i 24″ Sold!White Marsh6023173751Burn
Harman Accentra 52i 24″ Majolica Brown Enamel Sold!Forest Hill307729560Burn
Harman Accentra 52i 24″ Sold!Forest Hill307629484Burn

Pellet Stove

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Eco Choice CAB50 $400.00Bel Air1019578873Display
Harman Accentra Maj Sold!Bel Air1021578892Display
Harman XXV Sold!Bel Air1023578895Display
Harman P43 Sold!Bel Air1026578907Display
Harman P68 Sold!Bel Air1027578915Display
Quadra Fire Santa Fe Sold!Bel Air1028578974Display
Quadra Fire Mt. Vernon E2 PDB Sold!Bel Air1029578978Display
Quadra Fire Castile CSB Sold!Bel Air1030578979Display
Harman Absoulte 43 Sold!Bel Air1031578984Display
Quadra Fire CB1200 Sold!Bel Air1032578985Display
Harman Absoulte 63 Sold!Bel Air1033578993Display
Harman XXV Sold!Bel Air1034579082Burn
Harman Allure 50 Red $750.00Bel Air1043579223Display
Quadra Fire Santa Fe Sold!Fallston2105493420Burn
Eco Choice CAB50 $350.00Fallston2106493422Display
Harman Absolute 63 $900.00Fallston2107493424Display
Harman P68 Sold!Fallston2108493427Display
Harman XXV Maj $1100.00Fallston2109493429Display
Quadra Fire CB1200 Sold!Fallston2110493430Display
Quadra Fire Mt. Vernon MBK $650.00Fallston2111493433Display
Harman Allure 50 Red $1000.00Fallston2112493437Burn
Eco Choice PS35 $300.00Fallston2123494138Display
Harman Absolute 43 $1500.00Fallston2140493694Burn
Harman P43 Sold!Forest Hill303728509Display
Quadra Fire Mt. Vernon PFT $1900.00Forest Hill304538740Burn
Harman Absolute 43 Sold!Forest Hill304628743Burn
Harman Accentra Maj Sold!Forest Hill304728744Burn
Harman P68 Sold!Forest Hill304828745Display
Harman Absolute 63 Sold!Forest Hill304928746Display
Eco Choice PS35 Sold!Forest Hill307828856Display
Eco Choice CAB50 $600.00Forest Hill306428861Display
Harman XXV Sold!Forest Hill307529485Burn
Harman Absoulte 43 Maj Sold!White Marsh6001173824Display
Harman P68 Sold!White Marsh6003173828Burn
Harman Absolute 43 Sold!White Marsh6004173825Burn
Harman Allure 50 White $1000.00White Marsh6005173727Burn
Quadra Fire Mt. Vernon E2 MBK Sold!White Marsh6006173730Burn
Harman XXV Sold!White Marsh6007173731Burn
Quadra Fire Santa Fe $800.00White Marsh6008173732Burn
Quadra Fire Mt. Vernon MBK Sold!White Marsh6009173738Burn
Quadra Fire Castile MBK Sold!White Marsh6013173736Display
Quadra Fire CB1200 Sold!White Marsh6014173737Display
Quadra Fire Mt. Vernon E2 PMH Sold!White Marsh6015173820Display
Harman P43 Sold!White Marsh6016173739Display
Harman XXV-TC PB Sold!White Marsh6017173740Display
Harman Allure 50 Blk Sold!White Marsh6018173742Display
Eco Choice CAB50 $350.00White Marsh6019173745Display
Eco Choice PS35 $900.00Forest Hill306229561Display

Wood Insert

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Quadra Fire Voyageur Grand PMH $1000.00Bel Air1008578847Display
Quadra Fire 5100i Sold!Bel Air1010578857Display
Quadra Fire 3100i $750.00Bel Air1012578861Display
Quadra Fire 2700i Sold!Bel Air1014578865Display
Quadra Fire Voyageur Grand MBK $850.00Fallston2113493442Display
Quadra Fire 5100i $750.00Fallston2114493443Display
Quadra Fire 3100i $500.00Fallston2115493445Display
Quadra Fire Voyageur PMH $1000.00Fallston2116493607Display
Quadra Fire Voyageur Grand PMH Sold!Forest Hill302728494Display
Quadra Fire 2700i $700.00Forest Hill302828495Display
Stoll Heat Champion $1500.00White Marsh6033173767Display
Quadra Fire Voyageur PMH Sold!White Marsh6050173801Display
Quadra Fire Voyageur Grand MBK Sold!White Marsh6051173802Display
Quadra Fire 4100i $800.00White Marsh6052173806Display
Quadra Fire 3100i $900.00White Marsh6053173809Display
Eco Choice WINS18 $1000.00White Marsh6054173810Display
Quadra Fire 5100i Sold!White Marsh6055173811Display
Quadra Fire 2700i Sold!White Marsh6056173814Display
Harman 300i $1000.00White Marsh6057173816Display

Wood Stove

SelectBrandStoveSavingsStoreRef #Order #Condition
Quadra Fire 4300 Millennium Sold!Bel Air1035579090Display
Quadra Fire Explorer III MBK $750.00Bel Air1036579108Display
Quadra Fire 2100 Millenium $700.00Bel Air1037579111Display
Quadra Fire Exlporer I MBK $700.00Bel Air1038579118Display
Quadra Fire Explorer II MBK $650.00Bel Air1039579146Display
Quadra Fire 5700 Step Top $800.00Bel Air1040579161Display
Quadra Fire Adventure II $650.00Bel Air1041579194Display
Quadra Fire Discovery II $450.00Bel Air1042579222Display
Quadra Fire 3100 Step Top $450.00Fallston2117493608Display
Quadra Fire 4300 Millennium $250.00Fallston2118494134Display
Quadra Fire 2100 Millennium $150.00Fallston2119494137Display
Quadra Fire Explorer II PMH Sold!Fallston2120493609Display
Eco Choice WS22 $450.00Fallston2121493611Display
Quadra Fire Adventure III $800.00Fallston2124493613Burn
Eco Choice WS22 $400.00Forest Hill306128855Display
Quadra Fire 3100 LE $500.00Forest Hill306328857Display
Vermont Castings Defiant Non-Cat Sold!Forest Hill307328873Display
Quadra Fire Discovery II $450.00White Marsh6045173780Display
Quadra Fire 2100 Millennium Sold!White Marsh6046173785Display
Quadra Fire 5700 Step Top $1000.00White Marsh6047173786Display
Quadra Fire Explorer II Sold!White Marsh6048173794Display
Quadra Fire Explorer I Sold!White Marsh6049173798Display