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Pellet Pricing

Don’t Get Caught in the Cold – BUY NOW!

  • Lowest cost of the year for pellets, with full stock of 8 brands
  • High pellet fuel demand in cold months causes delays and limited availability – stock up now for guaranteed warmth
  • Limited production of some brands effects availability – buy before winter to avoid limits
  • Pellet appliances are more efficient and affordable than electricity, oil and propane – avoid high heating costs

Pricing and Quality Guarantee


If you find the same brand at a better price during the same period, Courtland will match brand pricing.


Pricing as of October 1st, 2020

Hardwood Power/O’Malley$5.99 per bag / $249 ton
Hardwood Energex$6.99 per bag / $319 ton
Hardwood Lignetics$6.49 per bag / $309 ton
Hardwood Hamer$6.99 per bag / $319 ton
Hardwood Turman$7.49 per bag / $339 ton
Blend Lignetics Gold$6.99 per bag / $319 ton
Softwood Easy Blaze$6.99 per bag / $319 ton
Softwood Ultra$7.49 per bag / $339 ton

General Conditions: Pellets must be picked up the same day as purchase.
All deliveries are charged based on your zip code and fuel costs. Early Buy orders require a minimum purchase of one ton (50 bags). Payment in full is required at time of order to guarantee pricing. No COD orders. Deliveries will be stacked in your garage or driveway within 20′ of where truck is parked. Delivery truck must remain on hard surface, blacktop, concrete or gravel only. An additional handling charge for $45 per ton will apply to any delivery in excess of 20′ carry distance (additional restrictions may apply). Multi-ton pickups must be scheduled in advance. Prices are subject to change without notice.